Deck / Outdoor flooring is a popular alternative to traditional high maintenance wood decks and concrete patios.

This type of flooring is convenient to install over existing or new decks. It is also economical due to its cost effictiveness.

This type of flooring is ideal for exterior walkways, balconies, docks, sun porches, and around swimming pools and hot tubs.


The chief advantage of Tiles offered by Plaunshé is to use the decking wherever and whenever required. An added advantage over this is saving of costs by relocating the decking when changing residences so that the same decking can be used in the newly built home. Plaunshé's plastic grid allows water to freely flow through timber surfaces. The effective water drainage ensures longer life span and prolonged appealing appearance of the Tiles flooring.

Strong and multi-dimensional connector ensures easy and hassle-free installation by connecting tabs on the outside edge of two adjacent tiles.The simple yet innovative system allows decking wherever needed.


Outdoor Plank is an exotic outdoor wood floor that encompasses in the luxury of the warmth of wood. This kind of flooring is highly suitable for exterior walkways, decks areas and swimming pool decks.

It is available in long length planks in various sizes with wood joists, stainless steel screws and stainless steel spacing clips for uniform installation.